Flexible Rollers

Price request

– Economical

– Clean

– Long lifespan

– No maintenance.



The machined metal bushings are pressed at both ends of a cable specifically designed with a resistance greater than 6000 kg.

The cable is then hot vulcanised to neoprene and the neoprene discs are fitted.

The bearings are totally protected from the outside environment and greased for life in malleable cast iron fitting HOUSINGS.

The neoprene used is insensitive to most chemicals and cannot be changed in the temperature range of -35 °C to +120 °C.


On carriers with a band width of between 400 and1400 mm. Maximum interval between rollers 600 mm.

For a power supply area under silo for absorption of spillage impacts. If the impact loads are very high, the rubber shock absorber mountings must also be fitted.

Applicable in upper rollers as well as in lower return ones.

Sectors of use

Fertilisers, chemicals, phosphate, quartz sand, alumina, gravel, foundry sand, slag, raw metallurgical materials, mining industry, coal, coke, salt, cement, clinker, glass, sugar, detergents (available with white discs).


– Belt speed greater than 3 m/s

– Ascending conveyors with a slope greater than 20°

– Chain conveyors equipped with metal pushers.


The design of the flexible rollers, the elastic properties of the rollers and their alternating movement of approach and spacing award it a great non-clogging power.

It thus prevents the deterioration and the premature wear of the band.

Installation speed

Mounting and dismounting of the flexible roller are facilitated by its system of ties on the ends.

Belt centring

Regardless of the load, the use of the flexible roller lets you retain the centring of the belt.

It avoids excesses and side falls of materials.


It is resistant to shock, abrasion, corrosion, hydrocarbons and temperatures ranging from -35° to +110° (degrees C).

BandeABCGSNbre de disquesConfigurationTypePoids en Kg
400704672483765772 - 3 - 213.5
500798766565765793 - 3 - 314.0
6009068746687657103 - 4 - 314.2
6509599277327657113 - 5 - 314.5
70010039717607657113 - 5 - 314.6
750105510238267657134 - 5 - 414.7
800110210709007657133 - 7 - 315.0
900121911879907657154 - 7 - 415.6
10001400136211179262174 - 9 - 429.5
12001554152012989262194 - 11 - 4210.3
14001718168414349262214 - 13 - 4211.0