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Steel roller with mechanical bearing for free or controlled handling of light isolated loads

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Zinc-plated steel tube Ø 50 th.1.5 mm (crude or stainless steel on request)

Fitted and crimped Plastic HOUSINGS

Precision-sealed type 2RS bearing and plastic deflector

Hexagonal ends 11 mm plastic over-moulded on steel shaft

Shaft ends with spring as standard

Steel spring

Maximum storage and operating temperature =0 to +80°C

Anti-statics to be specified


Minimum length L = 80 mm

MAXIMUM length L = 1350 mm

Grooves for round belts on “TOPROL” roller

Minimum distance from the shaft of the first groove in relation to the end of the spacer = 40 mm

Spacing between the grooves = 23 mm as standard and at least 19 mm

Up to 10 grooves per tube

Other options

Stainless steel tube 304 L on request

Elastomer sleeve thickness 2 mm tightly fitted

Conical plastic bushings tightly fitted on the tube

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Permissible load

For “TOPROL” up to 1000 mm long:

Permissible load tested on test bench under static 1000 N.

Permissible load tested on test bench under dynamic 100 N with orthogonal transfer and up to 60 m/min. continuously (drive by a lick belt or round belt).


Weight of the TOPROL = 57.7+2.19 x L (Length L in mm and weight is calculated in grams)

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