In order to guide the loads, flanges can be mounted on the rollers. There are 3 types of standard flanges:

The plastic flanges mounted on “PLASTIROL” between the plastic housing and the PVC tube:

  • Basic “PLASTIROL” roller type Ø 30 x 1.85 or 40 x 2.4 mm.
  • Diameter of flanges Ø 60 mm.

The zinc-plated steel flanges mounted on “TRANSROL” Ø 50 mm and interspersed between the plastic housing and the steel tube:

  • Diameter of steel flanges Ø 70 mm.
  • Basic “TRANSROL” roller type with a plastic HOUSING and steel tube Ø 50 x 1.5 mm only.
  • Zinc-plated standard steel flanges.
  • Steel flange thickness 1 or 1.5 mm on request.

Crude steel flanges fitted and welded on tubes Ø 50 – 60 – 70 – 89 mm:

Removable zinc-plated steel flanges for tubes Ø 89 mm:

Adjustable guide palette flange Ø 89/150 (thickness 2.5 mm)