The range covers all conveyor belt needs: upper and lower rollers, shock absorbers, non-clogging in diameters ranging from 63.5 mm to 159 mm for belt widths from 400 to 2000 mm. These rollers are produced according to the AFNOR standards 53300 and 53301, DIN 22107 and ISO1537.

For isolated loads the range starts with the plastic roller with a diameter of 20 mm up to the strengthened roller for loads of several tons. These rollers are produced at the specific request of each customer.


Motor roller incorporating an electric, asynchronous motor and a planetary gear. It enables you to simplify the kinematic chain of a conveyor, to reduce the number of components, to make space gains at a lower cost than a traditional solution.


The drum is a cylinder that equips conveyor belts. It can be operated by command, by return or by foot with different types of construction; mechano-welded or with removable hubs.

Our machine stock lets you produce drums ranging from a diameter of 89 mm up to 1400 mm with shafts up to 300 mm in diameter.

Each drum is machined, can be coated with rubber coating and equipped with bearings.


We make several models in all belt widths with different tilt angles.